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Hiring A Tax Attorney

Hiring A Tax Attorney

If you are thinking about getting a tax lawyer, you could be wondering 2 things : whether you actually want a tax lawyer at all ; and, if you do, how you go about selecting one. This post is to help you in choosing whether you are required to hire a tax attorney to represent you and, if you decide you want one, questions you can ask a potential tax lawyer.

You may at least contact a tax attorney for a consultation but there might or might not be a charge for this.  Always check during your initial phone call before you show up or start talking about your problem on the telephone. Tax issues can be very complex and complicated, so if you find yourself in a scenario where you are making a guess about what to fill in on a tax form or how much to pay, you may want to research for tax lawyers.

More precisely, if you find yourself in the following scenarios, you may want to consult a tax attorney or you may find yourself paying a huge amount of taxes while not required actually to pay these amounts.  If you are getting sued by the taxation office or receiving heavy penalties, these are other reasons why you may really want to contact a tax attorney.

If you plan on starting a business and want to choose the most effective way to structure it for tax purposes, a tax attorney can help you with this.  Do you take part in financial transactions or prep your estate to maximize tax refunds and reduce tax payments.

What Questions You Ask When Hiring A Tax Lawyer?

You may get a “feeling” about a tax attorney when you talk to him the 1st time ; this is something that you may definitely follow when selecting your tax attorney as you want to feel one hundred percent confident having them represent you and your business. Apart from this, these are some questions you may ask a tax lawyer you are considering hiring:

In which states are you licensed to practice law? Have you got an advanced degree in taxation in addition to a law degree?  Additionally you may want to find a lawyer who is also an Authorized Public Accountant ( CPA ).

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